First Aid Seminar May 3, 2012
On Thursday May 3, 2012 clients were invited to Bay Cities AH to attend a First Aid Seminar. Led by Dr. Kourtney Rivers, clients enjoyed an informative one hour lecture on general first aid topics, followed by a hands-on workshop with the help of several of our staff.  The night was a huge success, and we hope to repeat it again soon.  Here are some pictures from the evening. 


What our clients said:

"Very well organized for a first-time presentation.  You thought of everything (equipment worked well, lots of staff to meet and greet, refreshments, handouts, samples, etc)!  I really enjoyed seeing the "behind-the-scenes" of the clinic.  Very cool - I've never seen the operating room before!  Thank you!"

"The information was presented in an understandable manner and questions were welcomed for clarification."

"The presentation was informative - covered a lot of ground......I think the main things were covered that I would expect to encounter day to day with my pets."