Burlington Humane Society

For many years, Bay Cities Animal Hospital has been working with the Burlington Humane Society to ensure that stray and abandoned pets receive necessary veterinary care and housing while attempts are made to locate an owner.  If no owner is found, our hospital will vaccinate, microchip, deworm, and spay or neuter as required.  In some circumstances diagnostics such as bloodwork or xrays will be performed to evaluate the health of a pet that will be placed up for adoption. 

Often, cats or dogs will spend several weeks at our hospital before moving to the BHS shelter, and during this time we get to know their little personalities well.  We are always excited when we come across a pet that was once one of our family here at Bay Cities. 

Although all of our staff are involved with the work we do for the BHS, special mention goes out to Jodi who does the majority of the organization and paperwork involved with the process.  She has even fostered several tiny kittens who required around the clock bottle feeding.  Great job Jodi!