April 2010

It's a busy time of year at Bay Cities Animal Hospital!

Heartworm season is in full swing and we congratulate all owners who have already brought their dogs in for their annual heartworm test.  Please be sure to see the Heartworm 2010 recommendations on our website page

Here is what else has been happening at Bay Cities Animal Hospital this month:

Our 3rd annual Open House and Pet Photo with the Easter Bunny was a fun day for all.  We'd like to thank all the clients who came to partipate with their pets and donate to our fundraiser for this year: Veterinarians Without Borders.  Check out our pictures under "Seasonal Events"

Our veterinarians have attended several Continuing Education (CE) events recently:

  • Lectures through the Hamilton Academy of Veterinary Medicine have been focused on cats recently.  These include a talk on Feline Pancreatitis by Dr. Isabel Aubert, Neurology in Cats by Dr. Roberto Poma, and Arthritis and Diarrhea in Cats by Dr. Doreen Houston.
  • Parasite season is coming up, and we have had refreshers such as a lecture on Fleas by Dr. Michael Dryden and a lecture on Ticks and Lyme Disease.
  • This month the Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine lecture series was on Feline Ophthalmology.

Our technicians attended a recent CE lecture on Canine Osteoarthritis and Rehabilitation. 

The 17th annual Pooch Promenade is coming up on Sunday, May 31st.  This event is a fundraiser for the Burlington Humane Society.  Our clinic will be participating in the day, and we hope you will too!  For more information, please click here